Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i am god

After a wonderfully entertaining conversation last night about two catholic's view of "god" and my view, I've decided to continue the conversation here. At least I can't be bludgeoned by two godHeads "blinded by faith" telling me I haven't "lived" enough to understand. I might be, but at least I'll be able to finish a sentence :}

I post now in response, probably the first of many, to being ruthlessly double-teamed in matters of my faith, or in their eyes, my lack thereof.

The hypocrisy, oh the humanity....

Any direct question I provided for discussion was so easily dismissed as "childish" or regarded simply as, so absurd, with a wave of the hand and some exhalation of air, it was recockulous.

Honestly, I'm 31.
Was born and raised Roman Catholic, son of a Sicilian, which has quite effectively led me down a path of diverse religious inquisition. I like to think I make educated decisions and am an astute observer. I am very passionate about debate, and this is the mother of them all.

Let it be known up front, I think the notion of organized religion, even based on fairy tales, to be a wonderfully enriching and enlightening part of a lot of people's lives. The idea of anything keeping people happy and determined is a great thing; I'll just ask for some further clarification, that's what this is.

Some questions, I will continue to post regularly to start the conversation I love so much... Hope this format allows for no one speaking over one another....and We certainly won't be cut off mid sentence. Please feel free to comment, yet at the very least I'll finally be able to shout my "evil truth".....

i am my god.
the rest have just fear and lack personal strength.